RBI Governor shocked by this boy’s question

When School Kid’s Question Shocked RBI Governor

With the evolution of technology, the world is changing rapidly. The world changes due to thinking of people change. Kids of this generation are so advanced. A three year old kid can operate iphone a way better than 40 years old tech savvy uncle. Kids are passionately curious, enormously fast and extraordinarily intelligent. Their imagination knows no limits. The alacrity to find what answers and enthusiasm to know new things is commendable. Their courage, indomitable will to follow curiosity, adherence to a problem for long time are what adults should look up to them as an example.

Kids have ability to think beyond the capacity of an ordinary human. The questions that arise while thinking have the ability to change the way the world works. This is what happened when a school kid asked a question about Indian economy to RBI governor Raghuram Rajan. The question was about the influence of Indian Rupee on the world. When the kid finished the question, every one applauded and the governor complimented him for asking a great question. It left everybody spellbound at first and then the visionary governor answered his question in detail. It proved one thing that today’s kids think out of the box. Watch this video to know more about the question from kid and an answer by governor.

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